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Sumter teen earns Girl Scout Medal of Honor after saving her mother's life

Ivey Edwards used the first aid skills she learned in Girl Scouts to help save her mom. The act brought her mother to tears.

SUMTER, S.C. — Ivey Edwards has collected her fair share of Girl Scout pins, but her new addition is extra special. 

Her new pin is the Girl Scout Medal of Honor, a pin awarded to those who save or attempt to save a life. For Edwards, it's a reminder of the day she helped save her mother's life.

Credit: Kayland Hagwood
Ivey and Jennifer Edwards

"It was early in the morning and I just hear this noise coming from my mom’s room and so I go across the hall to like go see what happened and I see blood on the floor," Edwards said.

Her mother, Jennifer, has Type One Diabetes. According to Girl Scout leaders, the mother's her blood sugar had dropped dangerously into the teens. She had bitten through her lip, couldn't move and was close to falling into a coma when her daughter stepped in to support. 

"First, I tried to make sure where to blood was coming from cause I'm first aid trained and things... and I realized it was fine," Edwards said. " So, I went to the kitchen to get some stuff to raise her blood sugar and once it was high enough, I drove her to the hospital.”

Credit: Kayland Hagwood
Ivey's Medal of Honor

In her 10 years as a Girl Scout, Edwards has learned safety practices like first aid and CPR.

"It was kind of scary, but I knew I had to remain calm and collected and just kind of do what I know and been taught," Edwards said.

The act brought her mother to tears.

“You know you always do your best to raise your kids right and you hope that you take care of them and to know that she’s given back and that she’s taking care of me so that I can take care of her for as long as she’s with me, it’s special," Jennifer, her mother, said.

Credit: Girl Scouts of South Carolina
Ivey Edwards of Sumter earns Girl Scout Medal of Honor

Lora Tucker, the President of South Carolina Girl Scouts, thinks so, too. 

"She is a girl of courage and confidence and character and we just could not be more proud of her," Tucker said. "It speaks to what the Girl Scouts Medal of Honor is all about. So, putting the paper work together and submitting it to our nation headquarters and then getting the news that she was awarded this Medal of Honor, it's a big deal. It’s a big deal for Ivey and a big deal for her mother 'cause she’s alive today.”

For Edwards, it was a dream realized.

"It was a goal that I kind of had that I thought would be cool in the back of my head, and it's like I finally achieved it," Edwards said.

Now she's working toward a new medal and feeling thankful she could do her part to serve.

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