Irmo, SC (WLTX) - One UPS driver in Irmo is delivering more than packages to one of his customers--
he's delivering a helping hand to an 84-year-old woman who lives on a fixed income.

Dwight Praylow has been a UPS driver for 15 years and met Nancy McCummings when he delivered packages to her disabled son who lived with her.

Her son died in 2013. When Praylow heard McCummings needed help, he stepped up. "From this point on she is not just an elderly lady in the cul-de-sac in Friarsgate that nobody knows about," he said.

Praylow learned McCummings house suffered some damage in the October flood and had a horrible roach infestation that made it unlivable.

"To me it goes back to that saying, it takes a village to raise a child," Praylow explains. "So when that child gets to be elderly, who is going to take care of them. So to me its a reach back kind of thing."

So Dwight reached out to his twin brother, friends and customers and they took care of the infestation, hauling out everything that couldn't be used. They then cleaned the walls with bleach, primed, and repainted.

This was much needed help since McCummings has outlived all her children. "They worked all day Easter here," said McCummings. "So I really appreciate it to have these young guys with that kind of heart they showed. And I adopted them now as my boys."

Dwayne Praylow, Dwight's twin, says it was easy to help Mrs. McCummings because she is such a great lady with so much laughter that you just fall in love.

Doing the work has not been cheap, although they have been as frugal as possible. Praylow says. "Financially it was one of those things where everyone donated and every dollar or five dollars added up," Praylow says.

As the money came in, it paid for paint, new flooring, and a hotel for Mrs. McCummings to stay in while they cleaned her home taking care of the extermination.

When she returned, McCummings couldn't believe the work that had been done. "I told them this isn't my house" she recalls. "I've never lived here before, and they laughed because it is phenomenal what they did."

The work includes getting some furniture donated as well as a refrigerator. But there is still more work that needs to be done, which Praylow says requires more specialized knowledge than they have. The kitchen needs to be re-sheet rocked, and new sink and cabinets installed in order to get the kitchen back in working order.

"With a few more hands getting on board, we can show the miracle of what the village can do to take care of the people in our community who can't take care of themselves," Praylow says.

The group has created a Facebook page. If you are interested in helping Mrs. McCummings, just let them know what you can do on that site.