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Baby bear sightings in Barnwell have residents on alert

A small South Carolina community has a surprise visitor.
Credit: KUSA

BARNWELL, S.C. — Police in Barnwell are asking residents to use caution as they move about after reported bear sightings in the area.

Specifically, police said a "baby bear" had been seen in the area of Byrd Street and Galilee Road on Friday. An early photo shared by the department of a bear on a porch, however, was found to be shared in error by an out-of-state resident.

The important thing to remember, police said, is to leave any bear alone and not try to feed it. On the subject of food, police also told residents to be mindful of any outdoor trash that may contain food. It could attract this bear or others.

Those in Barnwell who spot the bear or otherwise have concerns about it are asked to call central dispatch at 803-541-1080. And as another department shared when confronted with their own bear visitor, don't go searching to take a picture of it.

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