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"It's the worst it's ever been..." Kershaw Humane Society filled to overflowing with dogs, cats

The agency is begging anyone who can foster, adopt or volunteer to help.

KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. — "It's the worst it's ever been in a very long time for rescue resources," said Jamie Woodington, President for the Board of Directors for Kershaw County Humane Society.

The agency is overflowing with too many cats and dogs and has surpassed capacity, something Woodington has never seen in her six-year tenure. 

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"We have some animals doubled up in kennels, as long as they are friendly, and we have over fifty large size dogs," Woodington added.  

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Woodington attributes this to the pandemic, saying it's the primary reason for overcrowding. 

"A lot of people brought animals into their homes and we're able to adopt and foster when they were working from home and now that most people have returned back in person and don't have room for them in their lives they  surrender them,". Woodington says they can move animals to other rescues but due to lack of resources right now they can't. 

She goes on to plead, "whether you can adopt, foster or if that is not possible we ask you to please come to the building, volunteer, walk the dogs and come socialize with the dogs because when people come and are social with the dogs it helps make them a better candidate for adoption.".

The Humane Society is located  at 128 Black River Road in Camden.  You can call them at (803) 425-6016 Office or email them at nfo@kchumanesociety.org.