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Third party DMV sites are costing you money

The sites look legit and are completely legal, but the FTC is hoping to change that.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A simple google search to renew your license gives you a bunch of options, and only one is the actually state D-M-V site.

But now there's hope that these sites will soon be taken down.

The federal trade commission filed a complaint against about 50 web-based companies claiming that they were deceiving customers into trying to complete transactions.

The NC DMV is charging an extra fee? Nope, you're on the wrong website!

North Carolina DMV's experiencing internet outages, but you can still use a few services at home

These were from everything from getting a fishing license to applying for section 8 housing. 

A federal judge has ordered the sites to stop, ruling there's quote "good cause to believe" the sites violated federal deceptive commerce act regulations. REAL IDs Need Online Application, Homeland Security Says

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