Columbia, SC - (WLTX) It was all smiles at the Midlands Kidfest and summer camp fair on Saturday.

Local establishments from the South Carolina State Museum to jewelry companies were on hand to showcase their products. But the summer camp vendors are at the core of the event.

"Basically we're showcasing a lot of summer camps both local and overnight so families can have a lot of variety to chose from" says Perez.

Melinda Perez, owner of Sunshine Family Expos says she created this event because she was once that parent struggling to find a camp for her kid.

She says, "I was living in Columbia and I was looking for the sort of things that's a this event but I couldn't find anywhere that had it all in one place. It's all about connecting families with all these wonderful programs that you may have hard time finding out about"

4th-grader Journey Jefferson, says as a result of the expo she has a her summer plans.

"Probably go to the camp over here. Like I watch a lot of movies about the wilderness and people in the wild and I like those types of movies" says Jefferson.