COLUMBIA, S.C. — BLD Diner, at 4840 Forest Drive in Trenholm Plaza, is one of the participating restaurants in Columbia's Restaurant Week.

News 19 This Morning anchors Brandon Taylor and Whitney Sullivan had the chance to try some of the dishes that patrons can find at BLD Diner.

The Forest Acres restaurant gives you the feel of a classic neighborhood diner with dishes that are home made.

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Chef Marcella Joseph, joined by BLD Diner owner Sean Moore, is one of the handful of female chefs in the Midlands.

They brought in three dishes: a grain bowl, short ribs and coconut cake.

The grain bowl featured farro, quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, asparagus and guacamole.

The short ribs were paired with bourbon sweet potato puree, brussel sprouts, mushrooms and veal demi glaze.

And finished it off with dessert -- coconut cake.