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Seed sanctuary hopes to address food insecurity

The sanctuary, located at the main Richland county library and the Hopkins, Eastover branches, offers an array of plant seeds for people for free.

EASTOVER, S.C. — A little box inside the lobby of Richland Library's Eastover location is drawing a lot of attention.

What's Inside? 

Dozens of packets of seeds. 

Kimberly jones is the Eastover branch manager explains it's part of the library's popular seed sanctuary.

You can find flowers, you can find herbs, you can find vegetables, all are a part of the seed sanctuary.

The seed sanctuary opened in February in partnership with the Richland County Soil and Water Conservation District and allows anyone the opportunity to pick up seeds at no cost.

"We've been listening to the community and their needs and making sure we are offering services that are equitable." She says, "This is a food desert, there are no grocery stores in the Eastover community, so it offers them the ability to start their own gardens at home

If you're looking to pick up seeds, Jones says anyone, with or without a library membership can come in, open up the draws, and take up to three packets of seeds. Each one even has gardening instructions right on the outside.

Kyana Thompson is mother of six and her family just moved out to Eastover with hopes of having their own garden.

"Everyone's scrambling to get chickens, everyone's scrambling to get a garden, because it's like what do we do if we don't have access to those things on a regular basis."

She stopped by the seed sanctuary on Wednesday to pick up a few packets.

"Vegetables for sure, we eat a lot of vegetables." She adds, "Basil, cilantro, oregano, all those types of herbs, and herbs that are going to help us stay healthy."

She is hopeful for more programs like this one especially with rising costs for almost every household item.

"Providing those things for lower income individuals is definitely important especially for those who might not have access to it on a regular basis."

Jones says a fresh set of spring seeds will be coming to the seed sanctuary on March 20th

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