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What's new to eat at the South Carolina State Fair

With more than 90 food stands, here are a few new items to tempt your taste buds.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Of course you love the Fiske fries and foot-long corn dogs, fried cookie dough and donut burgers or even a big Greek salad at the South Carolina State Fair

But what's new to sink your teeth into this year?  

Each year new bits of deliciousness are unveiled and this year is no different. 

Here's what you can expect to find this year.  

The "Steak Poutine Sundae" has fresh cut fries layered with fresh cheese curds covered in hot gravy and topped with Sirloin Steak.  

Credit: SC State Fair
Fresh cut fries layered with fresh cheese curds covered in hot Gravy and topped with Sirloin Steak to make the ultimate Cheese Steak!

For those with a sweet tooth, funnel cakes and elephant ears topped with cookies and cream or perhaps some fried Moon pies. Yes, Moon Pies will be available in both chocolate and original banana. 

Credit: SC State Fair
These graham-cracker and marshmallow-filled moon pies, made especially for the S.C. State Fair, will be freshly fried and delicious. Available in chocolate and banana.

And to quench your thirst this year, how about watermelon iced tea?

Credit: SC State Fair
Watermelon Iced tea to quench your thirst at the SC State Fair.

The fair will once again be offering 'Lunch Brunch.' Pop in and out of the S.C. State Fair for lunch with a special lunch bunch ticket, available from noon-2 p.m. each weekday (except Wednesday, Oct. 12). Pay your entry fee and receive a refundable $20 ticket. Return to the ticket booth with the ticket by 2 p.m. to get your money back. 

And for those that love those fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, they're now six cookies for $5.

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