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Aiken couple finds messages in a bottle on Lake Murray

The messages read, "Family is everything to me" and "Do everything you can to help others in need."

LAKE MURRAY SHORES, S.C. — A couple in Aiken picked up a bottle in the water in Lake Murray thinking it was trash,

It wasn't till it was on board that they saw the note, wrapped in a plastic bag, nestled inside the wine bottle. 

"Family is everything."

These sweet words were written on a piece of paper in a zip lock bag in a bottle found floating in Lake Murray. 

"Another one says, do everything you can to help others in need and to be happy," said Katelyn Moody, the woman who fished the bottle out of the water. 

Moody and her husband Austin found the messages in a bottle while they were out boating and enjoying the sun over the weekend.

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"I spotted it and my husband pulled over. Austin was like 'Oh it's trash, just pick it up' and he picked it up and at first I was like 'There's something in there' and he was like 'What?' I was like 'We found a message in a bottle," Moody said.

They picked it up and posted on Facebook to try and find where it came from.

People like Leigh Weaver commented on how cute the idea is and how we need compassion in times we're living in. 

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"I think it's the most important thing in the world. Everybody's got to start getting back to humanity and being sweet and nice instead of biting each other's heads off," Weaver, Lake Murray resident said.

But others, and lake authorities are worried about the environmental impact of having a glass bottle floating around on the lake.

"You could have a boat strike that bottle at a high rate of speed, damage the haul on the boat, damage the prop. You could have a water skier hit it and suffer a personal injury," said Captain Mike Kirk, Lake Murray association president.

They suggest a glass-free alternative.

"If they want to pass notes around they should find a way to do it online or some way where they're not putting bottles of glass in the water," Kirk said.

Moody tells News 19 after their Lake Murray outing on Sunday they decided to bring the bottle inside and keep it as a memento in their home in Aiken. 

It's still unknown where this bottle originated and how long it's been on the waters of Lake Murray. 

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