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Elementary students come together to grant Halloween wish for classmate

The fifth graders came together to help their friend who lives with Apert syndrome.

TROY, Ill. — Imagine your child not being able to dress up for Halloween. Well, for some parents and children in Troy, that's case. Or, at least, it was until some fifth graders at Silver Creek Elementary School stepped up, helping some of their less able classmates in a big way.

There's something special going on at Silver Creek Elementary, and when you walk up to the entrance you'll find out that kindness is the key to get in.

"Maybe think of some kids at the middle school who are in the same situation."

A situation no kid should have to be in.

"Normally you can't find a lot of costumes for wheelchairs," said Silver Creek fifth grader Ryan Kreher.

So, Kreher and his classmates at Silver Creek Elementary decided to take matters into their own hands, helping make Halloween special for their classmate Trey.

"I mean it has made me cry several times over it just seeing how they interact with him," said Trey's mother Jackie Bruns.

Trey has Apert syndrome, a rare disease that attacks his bones and requires multiple surgeries.

"We have a lot of people and kids who will walk up right to his face and say, 'You look weird. Why do you look so weird?'" said Bruns.

The disease has caused Trey to miss multiple Halloweens, but now, thanks to his classmates he's got the coolest costume in school.

"Kindness matters it goes a long way I mean something so simple from a fifth grader can be something so large for anybody and this is something anybody can do it doesn't have to be special," said Silver Creek Special Education Teacher Cayla Seaton.

But thanks to these fifth graders, this Halloween will be special for Trey and other students in Ms. Seaton's class, teaching us a lesson we can all learn from.