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Family, friends join together for third year, provide feast for those in need ahead of Thanksgiving

One local family is spreading joy and food for residents in Columbia by hosting a free food event

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Columbia residents Marilyn and Kenneth Webb are feeding families in the community for Thanksgiving in hopes of sharing their good faith and food. 

The Webbs held the event on Saturday near the corner of Greene and Heidt streets in Columbia, around noon, and continued until all the food was gone. 

The family planned on feeding around 300 people since the event has grown almost every year. Two years ago it was close to 200 and last year during the pandemic it was well over 200. 

They gave out food and had gift bags that included toothbrushes, toothpaste, masks, hand sanitizers, and more. 

Residents Timothy Ishmel attended the event and was beyond thankful for the Webb's and their work in the community. He said that he sees this moment as "something to look forward to, where everyone can come out and congregate and conversate as well as come out and enjoy the love."

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A few years ago, the Webbs lived in the same part of town and Marilyn Webb used to cook Sunday dinners and feed people in the community. Once they moved, they knew families here still needed to eat. So, they decided to come back and do a Thanksgiving version the last three years. 

As the event has rapidly grown, different members of the family have jumped in to help - with in-laws, cousins, and best friends donating their time and money. Meanwhile, Marilyn cooks the majority of the food with some help from family. 

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They provided collard greens, macaroni, and cheese, ham, turkey, green beans, potato salad just to name a few - a feast fit for Thanksgiving and needed by so many right now.

And that's why this family plans on coming back this time next year for another of their popular events. It's a chance for them to express what giving back to the community is all about. 

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