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Mail carrier creates 'tooth fairy magic' for Lexington girl

After Gracie lost her front tooth, she sent a letter to the tooth fairy. Before her mom could retrieve it from the mail box, the letter had been picked up
Credit: Brittany Jones

LEXINGTON, S.C. — A little girl in Lexington lost her front tooth and sent a letter to the tooth fairy, surprised to find that the tooth fairy had written back a few days later. 

Gracie, a six-year-old from Lexington, lost her front tooth and was excited to mail it to the tooth fairy, according to her family. 

They placed the tooth in a 'special fairy envelope' and addressed it to “The Tooth Fairy Academy - Dept of Front Teeth," before placing it in the mailbox. Before Gracie's mother, Brittany Jones, could collect the envelope from the mailbox, the mail carrier, Ray, came by to deliver the mail and picked up the envelope.  

A few days later, Gracie checked the mailbox and found a letter from the tooth fairy, complete with fairy dust and a special message. The tiny letter even had a gold coin attached.

Credit: Brittany Jones

Jones also found a plain envelope in the mailbox detailing what happened to her daughter's letter. Ray, the post carrier, explained that his wife wanted to 'create some magic' for Gracie after Ray brought the letter home.  

Ray's wife decided to create the letter for him to deliver, much to Gracie's delight. 

"My wife was so tickled about it, she made her a card," Ray wrote on a sticky note attached to the original letter Gracie had mailed. 

Credit: Brittany Jones

Gracie was so excited to have received the letter, she called her whole family to tell them about the correspondence, according to Jones. 

The family was touched by the act of kindness, and wanted to remind their community how much of a difference something so small can make.

Credit: Brittany Jones


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