OVERLAND, Mo. — Three Overland boys decided to turn the blanket of snow into a haul of snacks with a side of cash.

Jonas and Gavin Henderson alongside their family friend Connor Calderon shoveled driveways and paths for neighbors on Saturday.

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“It’s cool because it's kind of a family business,” Jonas said.

A skill Jonas and Gavin’s brother taught them, but cash isn’t the first currency they accept.

"I like Twix and sometimes I eat Reeses," Jonas said.

"I didn't need those snacks anyway, so I am going to give them off to them plus some cash to buy a new video game," Mary Hill, a neighbor said.

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She said every inch of snow adds hours of work for her.

"I could do it, but it would be like, maybe come out for a half an hour, come in, come back out," the homeowner said.

Helping the boys sweet tooth, piggy banks and character is a cheap price to pay.

"It's basically making us stay out of trouble not doing drugs,” Connor said. “And you get to help yourself by making money and the neighbors too."

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To the boys, the only thing that matters is making sure all of the neighbors have clear paths.

"It feels good because I don’t care about the money I just care about helping people,” Jonas said.

So, the next snow, expect to see these kids in the neighborhood, shovels in tow.