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A Midlands landscaping company helps Christmas dreams come to light

A local West Columbia company played Santa Claus to one lucky family.

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — There's something about Christmas lights that brings joy to all. 

The holiday season is all about giving and that's exactly what one landscaping company is doing. 

All one Midlands family wanted was Christmas lights and this year they got it.

"We just wanted to get into the Christmas spirit," homeowner, Chad McCormick said.

Maybe it's the twinkles and the colors, whatever it is, this time of year is a merry time, especially in this West Columbia neighborhood.

The McCormick family loves Christmas lights. 

McCormick says he wanted to make his kids' Christmas dreams come true, covering the house in lights.

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"It's just good morale for the family and for the community," he said.

The McCormick's reached out to Aaron Brazell from Omega Landscaping for a quote on lights. Brazell also owns Omega Lightscaping, a company that hangs and then removes Christmas lights around your home.

Brazell, the owner said he "saw an opportunity in the community to really help."

One of the McCormick children has autism, but he loves Christmas and Christmas lights. When the McCormicks told Brazell they couldn't afford their services, Brazell said he'd hang and remove the lights for free.

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"Really pulled my heartstrings," said Brazell.

"We able to do it for free, to help her and the family out," he added.

So the lights at the McCormick home are now making dreams come true.

"To be able to take of care of something for them, like hanging lights so they can still get a part of Christmas," Brazell said.

"They did an awesome job we appreciate them and their help and their support and our kids absolutely love it," he added.

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