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Karen's Mobile Kitchen serving Thanksgiving to hundreds of South Carolinians

This is the sixth year Karen's mobile kitchen has served Thanksgiving meals to the community of Columbia.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Thanksgiving is a day of giving, serving, and loving each other.

"I know it's important to give thanks and share every day, not just this one day," said Karen Erinfolami, the Thanksgiving cook and owner of Karen's Mobile Kitchen.

She's very familiar with putting others first. Cooking is her love language and so is giving back to the community.

On Thanksgiving Day for the past six years, her food is free for anyone - police officers, families and people who don't have a meal to share. 

For Karen, this day means much more. Last year during this holiday she was sick. She knew she wasn't in control when her health took a turn for the worst.

"I was fighting three lung diseases at one time and God gave me victory," Erinfolami said. "I cannot find an adjective to even explain how I feel. It's so special just to know that God protected me to allow me to see today."

Her volunteers are following her example of using every day to cherish and value people. 

"For us, to be a part of that is amazing, so oftentimes we just don't understand what certain people are going through and I'm so thankful she does this. She doesn't charge anything. It's just a free meal for families," volunteer Steve Parrott said.

Everyone here eating loves and appreciates Karen for her outreach. 

"It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, every little bit helps and we all just need to find whatever we do that's great to help each other," Thanksgiving attendee Worjroh Donaldson said.

It's one big happy family on Broad River Road. 

Karen hosts this community Thanksgiving meal every year.