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Businesses around South Carolina open their doors for 'Friendsgiving'

While some believe Thanksgiving is all about gathering with family around a turkey, others enjoy the holiday by gathering with friends and strangers.

CAMDEN, S.C. — For those that do not have a family to gather with on Thanksgiving, there will always be friends and strangers to spend time with instead. In the Midlands, a few places decided to stay open on Wednesday and Thanksgiving on Thursday, to host people for 'Friendsgiving'.

Bang Back Pinball Lounge in Five Points is one of the few local businesses staying open on Thanksgiving.

Owner Frederick Richardson says pinball is something that knows no time or stories but can bring people together. That's why the lounge is staying open.

"It says right on the front doors, 'Come in make friends'... We have brought people together all over through pinball, so it obviously just makes sense to go ahead and follow through and celebrate that," Richardson said.

40 minutes away in Camden, Saints and Sinners Bar opened their doors Wednesday evening for the same reason.

Owner, Beth Rabon, says she wanted to give people a night to feel happy around the holiday.

"The holidays are hard for a lot of people so we're trying to get them together to enjoy one another," Rabon explained.

For customers like Tammy Rabon, this 'Friendsgiving' celebration means a lot.

"My dad passed away four years ago, and my mom moved to Maine after that... and my oldest kids are grown and do their own thing and it's just me so, I'm not cooking," Tammy said with a laugh.

Although there is not any of Grandma's Mac N' Cheese or Mom's famous pumpkin pie, Tammy says there is still just as much to be thankful for.

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