Columbia, SC (WLTX) - As Thanksgiving is approaching, the roads and airlines are filling up with people traveling for the holiday.

According to AAA, this could be the busiest Thanksgiving since 2005, with about 54 million people traveling more than 50 miles. Most will travel by car, but the largest growth in holiday travel is by air.

Lynne Douglas, Customer Service and Public Relations Director at Columbia Metropolitan Airprot, said folks traveling for the holiday should give extra time and a little extra patience when heading to the airport.

"The airlines recommend that if you're flying domestic to arrive an hour and a half prior to flight and if you're riding international it's best to arrive two hours ahead of time, particularly if you're checking in luggage," said Douglas.

Douglas said she sees a lot of first time flyers coming to the airport during the holidays and that you can always call ahead or look for a staff person for any questions you might have.

However, it's not just getting to the airport earlier that will make your travels easier. Knowing the TSA regulations ahead of time can save you some heartache.

For those bringing gifts along with them, Douglas recommends waiting till you get to your destination to wrap your gifts. If you go through a security checkpoint with a wrapped gift, a TSA agent will have to unwrapped the present before you go through.

Now what about food? For those planning on bringing a dish, there are some regulations on what is allowed.

Pies and cakes are accepted in both carry-on and checked bags. When it comes to less solid food like jam or gravy, the 3.4oz liquid rule is applied for carry-on bags. Be careful of canned foods as well because there are special instructions for carry-on. TSA recommends putting canned items in your checked bag or shipping it to your destination.

Preparing and patience can help your holiday travel plans go as smooth as possible. For more information go to for more on their regulations.