West Columbia, SC (WLTX)- People from different faiths and religions got together to show worship traditions through art, the message was to show that we're all the same.

The Atlantic Institute put together "The Artistry of Worship" Tuesday night. It was a night of teaching and fellowship between different faith and art communities.

People sang, read poems and enjoyed the open space of worship. Amongst the attendees was Lindsey Faraj.

Faraj brought her two kids to sing a traditional Muslim song to an audience of different faiths.

"I just love the enlighten of people around people of various faiths and so being a former Christian myself I just think it’s very important" said Faraj.

In a world where people might be judged by what they believe, Faraj wants people to remember, "we want people to have a better understanding of our religions to break down these misconceptions of Islam but we have to afford others the same opportunity and ensure that we are well aware of how other people worship and what other religions entail if we expect people to open up about our own religion."

The Atlantic Institute does other interfaith and cultural events, click here for more information.