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Luxury Texas barns?! They exist. And they're called Barndominiums.

We went to go see one for ourselves in Poteet, Texas.

TEXAS, USA — When you think of living lavishly in the Lone Star State, what comes to mind?

For many, it means living in a Texas Barndominium. You know, a barn? But, fancy?

Texas Barndominiums builds these 21st century barns. They're custom metal built homes where you get to pick your layout, color and size. And we've noticed they're HUGE on social media.

So, we went to go see one for ourselves in Poteet, Texas.

Walking inside, you notice the exposed AC duct, wood throughout the home, high ceilings and an open walkway between the kitchen and living room.

The company says you can customize them anyway you want. So prices depend on several factors. The one we visited ranged around $300,000, but they can exceed this depending on how you customize the home.

The big question we noticed on their social media —  how do you get one? They work with Pristine Plans who draw up, well, the plans! In about three to four weeks, Texas Barndominiums provide the estimate.

So far, the company has built around 80. But, there is a catch.

Texas Barndominiums only builds these homes in about 30 Texas counties, which is about a 100 mile radius outside San Antonio.

For more information, you can visit their website here.