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Tips for parents to help with kids’ social media usage

More than two-thirds of kids over 12 have a smartphone. Social media apps keep kids entertained and informed, but some parents are concerned about the usage.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Parents, as you probably know, media use by tween and teens is growing faster since the start of the pandemic.

On Tuesday, Digital Strategist Roshanda Pratt, known as “The RoSho Live” stopped by News19 This Morning to share tops on managing your child’s screen time.

  1. Show interest in what your child is doing online

Pratt encourages parents to not be judgmental about what your kids and teens are doing online.  If they sense you are interested, they will be open to sharing.

2. Help your child recognize their screen time habits

Pratt says parents should talk about how we can use our devises in ways that feel in balance with other parts of life.  Share your own habits as examples to get the conversation started.  For example, parents should ask their children if there are any habits the family should try? Why or why not?

3. Limit your time online when your child is present

Parents should model the behavior you want your children to demonstrate. 

Pratt says if your child regularly sees you playing or doing work on your phone, they are likely to learn screen time is the easiest way to stay entertained.

4. Talk about their emotional health.

Pratt says parents should help kids recognize how online activities make them feel.  Many children turn to social media for connection and mental health support, but parents should be cautious, because as we know, social media can also have negative effects as well.

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