Are you RSVP'd to the event of the season?

A whopping 27,000 people have said they were "going" to this event and another 30,000 have marked their interest on Facebook. At its core, the event is a call to action: grab your fan and point that baby at Hurricane Irma.

Talk about what sort of fans might get the job done has been keeping the comment section alive in the group. Though the event is marked to 'take place' in the United States, people who live in the European Union are weighing in. They are discussing the option of using vacuums to pull Irma out to sea while the fans in the United States side push Irma away.

Seems completely logical, because in the land of the internet everything is a joke with 50 layers of poorly nuanced memes.

Of course, the combined 57,000 people in on this elaborate joke know that fans, nor vacuums, are going to sway the path of Irma. Humor, however, can be an effective medicine when dealing with serious matters.

With all of the destruction, chaos, and death that has come in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, it is understandable to meet the potential of something similar with humor. So here's to both a laugh and legitimate concern for those in the path of Irma. She is a strong storm and where she is headed still is not perfectly clear.

If you are interested in RSVPing to the event, you can check it out here.