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SC 4-year-old Boy Has George Sink Birthday Party

Greenville, SC (WLTX) - One four-year-old in South Carolina had a birthday party theme that may surprise you.

Landen Shell is just like any other kid: he loves to run around and can't sit still for more than five seconds. No one knows that better than his mother Daniette.

"Landen is a very outgoing, outspoken child," laughed Danielle. "Very active."

Rewinding a few weeks back, Daniette was wondering what she was going to do for her son's birthday party.

"When he told me he wanted a birthday party, I said, 'What kind of party do you want to have?'" she recalls. "He said he wanted to have an all 9's birthday party. So we had an all 9's George Sink Birthday Party."

Landen's favorite TV commercial is for George Sink, the personal injury lawyer. One of the things he loves to do is say Sink's phone number, which gets repeated all the time: 999-999.

Photo from www.sinklaw.com

The well-known attorney took hold of this four-year-old's attention enough to have a whole party centered around him. So on his birthday, Landen dressed to the 'nine's,' and had a birthday cake, cupcakes, balloons, and even clothes themed around George Sink. Each cupcake had the number nine on it.

Photo from www.sinklaw.com

The biggest surprise was yet to come. George Sink himself actually came to Landen’s birthday party to surprise him.

"Landen, it just actually blew his mind that George Sink and all the kids we're excited. All the adults we're excited," said Daniette.

In a video George Sink gave News19, he says he was honored.

"I was very surprised. I never heard of such a thing. What a weird phenomenon this is. Just to have a child memorize our phone number and waking around the house singing it, talking about it, and asking for a fourth birthday party with a George Sink theme," said Sink.

Photo from www.sinklaw.com

Landen couldn't believe his wish came true.

"I was excited," he said. "Seeing George Sink was my favorite part."

Sink gave kids little red ties like his, bookbags, and shirts to celebrate Landen's day. Daniette was just excited Sink made her son's special day unforgettable.

"Landen was so excited. Just the opportunity to meet George Sink and he made it happen for the little children. It's a birthday party I don't think anybody is ever going to forget," explained Daniette.

Who knows? We'll see what happens on Landen's ninth birthday party.

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