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You may have a first-aid kit, but do you know how to use what's inside?

A local security and defense training company wants to educate people on how to properly use everything inside of a first-aid kit and emergency preparedness.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Do you ever think about what you would do in the case of an emergency? Whether that be a bad burn or a bee sting?

Well a local security and defense training company, Bishop 30 Solutions, is holding classes to teach people everything first-aid.

They aim to teach people about emergency preparedness and that it's not just about having a first-aid kit but knowing how to use what's inside.

"You don't know when an accident is gonna happen, so you have to be prepared 24/7, first-aid is one of many things of being prepared. So, you can have a great first-aid kit but if you don't know how to use the stuff in it, it does you no good. So, not only do you need the actual kit but you need the training to go with it," said Noell Bishop, president of Bishop 30 Solutions.

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If you missed this class, there are two upcoming opportunities to sit in on another one. The next one will be on Tuesday, May 18 and after that, Sunday, July 25. 

This class is for beginners, lasts three hours and costs $100 to attend. 

To sign up for the next basic first-aid class, click here

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Bishop 30 Solutions description of the class:

Gain the skills you need to help others in an emergency situation. This course will help prepare you to be able to administer aid for a wide range of common injuries or conditions. Topics covered include wound care, how to respond to a heart attack, broken bones or sprains, burns, choking, and more.

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