Shauna Arocho never imagined her face would be seen by millions of people.

"I was overwhelmed and in shock. You just never expect that to happen," Arocho told Five On Your Side.

But that's exactly what did happen after she posted the now infamous video of her telling the story of how she was body-shamed outside a Dairy Queen in Springfield, Illinois.

"A car full of men stopped in a busy road just so they could roll down the window and say 'Eat that ice cream you fat b-*-*-c-h.'" Arocho said in a video she recorded on March 20th.

Her life has drastically changed since the viral video. To see how, Five on Your Side traveled to Springfield for an interview with Arocho.

In the interview she talked about the positive comments she has received from around the world, the random acts of kindness from strangers, and how she wants to now use her experience to help others who are bullied.