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Need to take a break? Tips to complete a successful social media fast

Surveys show that 50 percent of people are taking a break from social media apps to focus on themselves.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Have you ever felt overwhelmed by spending too much time on social media?

Excessive social media use can damage your mental being, which is why the concept of a "media fast" has gained in popularity.    

"Make sure you understand why you need to take this break in the first place," says Roshanda Pratt, Digital Strategist.

Pratt says 1 in 5 adults make it a point to do a social media fast every year.

"Is it that you're spending too much time scrolling in the morning?" says Pratt. "Is it that you can't separate reality from filtered life? I tell people all the time, you can't judge your life by someone's filter."

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter, at some point all that content can be overwhelming. 

"A good tip is to hide the apps that we have a tendency to go to first," says Pratt. "Put those apps on the last page."

Other tips include:

1.    Make sure to understand why you need this break. (It is more than just the time spent -- can you recognize you have lacked human interaction, paying attention to real things) 

2.    Set a realistic time frame (work hours, not starting your day on social) 

3.    Have a friend keep you accountable to your goals. (Create those non-negotiables) 

4.    Let your friends and family know how to contact you during your fast. 

Pratt even suggests temporarily suspending your account to help you disconnect, but don't forget to tell your friends and followers you needed a break.

Click on the video link above for more helpful tools.