Fairfield County, SC (WLTX) - One of Fairfield County's elementary schools is getting a facelift.

"This is not the safest scenario for our students," Dr. JR Green said.

For years Kelly Miller Elementary has been holding some classes in trailers outside of the school building.

"They have gone from a short term solution to a long term solution," Green said.

Superintendent of schools Dr. JR Green said it disrupts the learning experience and provides challenges for the students, teachers and the administration.

"In the event that we have some kind of intruder, now we have students that are separated from the rest of the school. When students have to use the restroom, of course there are no bathrooms in portables, so now they have to go into the main bathroom. If a teacher has to go into the bathroom now we have to find a way for a teacher to get coverage," he said.

With the school board's recent approval of a $2 million bond the school will be able to add on to their building.

They'll get a music room, an art room, a science lab, an in school suspension lab and a band room.

It's something that instructor Vernon Huggins said they need.

The band holds class on a stage in the gym and it's only separated by a divider.

"I'm used to it now. The gym teacher hears everything that we do and we hear everything she does and I know music and art are in portables outside, so I know they are a little disconnected from the school," Huggins said.

First year art teacher Katrina Balsavage agrees with Huggins.

"Especially when I'm the only teacher out here for the day in the pods. I'm most looking forward to being a part of the rest of the school," Balsavage said.

"It needs to be a place where our students take pride in, that our parents and communities take part in. And I think that when we can provide all of those things to students they perform much better," said Green.

The district has not set a start date, but expects the project to take about 10 months to complete.