Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Nobody likes to feel left out or like they have been forgotten, but that is the reality for some seniors. That is why a third grade class at Saint Peter's Catholic Church decided to do something special for the eldest members of our society.

"I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to pass out two cards to everyone," said Marie Phillips, a third grade teacher at Saint Peter's Catholic Church, "and then you're going to draw some pictures."

Cards have a way of lifting us up, moving us, and inspiring us.

"The kids are writing a message on the back telling them 'you are loved, or God bless you or sending you smiles,'" Phillips said.

We usually give cards to the ones we love, but these cards are going to strangers. Strangers who could really use a kind word. Strangers like Ernestine Jackson.

"My husband is in the hospital right now," Jackson said.

Ernestine Jackson's husband of over 30 years was taken to the hospital on Friday.

"Y'all just don't know how much it means," Jackson said.

These cards come along with the emergency meals for the Senior Resources' Meals on Wheels program.

"Those meals help us so much because I've got rheumatoid arthritis and I can't really do much now," Jackson said.

"Often times the meals we deliver is the only complete meal they have during the day, so if there's an emergency like a tropical storm, ice storm, the floods last October, they may not have a source of food," said Pam Dukes, the Executive Director at Senior Resources.

Dukes says Senior Resources did not receive the funding they usually get, so these meals almost did not get delivered.

"When the Ding Dong Divas found this out, they put together a group to assemble these meals and donated them to us to take to our seniors," Dukes said.

The Ding Dong Divas from the midlands are a giving group who help an organization each month, and chose seniors because they are a group that tends to be forgotten.

"Seniors," Dukes said, "they built our communities, they raised us. And it's giving back to a segment of society who's given so much."

"It does not have to be grand gestures, it does not have to be tons of money and truck loads of food to show them that we love them," Phillips said.

Sometimes, it is as simple as 4 by 10 pieces of paper and crayons.

There are 250 seniors still on the waitlist for the Meals on Wheels program, and Senior Resources is in need of funding. If you would like to donate, you can call them at 803-252-7734 or visit them at 2817 Millwood Avenue in Columbia.