(Chapin, SC -- WLTX) Companies continue to make South Carolina a home for their manufacturing plants and more. To keep our younger generations prepared for the jobs that await, a new statewide campaign called South Carolina Future Makers was unveiled on Wednesday.

"I think having this opportunity and being exposed at such a young age, it shows you what you're really passionate about, what you're not passionate about and it gives you a lot of information that you need for the future," said Kayla Shine, a senior at the Center for Advanced Technical Studies.

Seeing how successful early introduction is, the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance teamed up with STEM Premier to unveil the new program.

SCMA President and CEO Lewis Gossett says it will help match our younger generation with certain careers.

"What it does is it introduces you to manufacturing through the videos, company videos, job profiling,' said Gossett. "It tells you the jobs that are available, how much you can make, what the benefits are then tells you how to get there from here."

Through South Carolina Future Makers, students will be able to create an online profile to display their qualifications, chat directly with companies and schedule visits.

State Superintendent Molly Spearman says statistics show how important these opportunities are.

"We know that if students get involved in career technology programs and hands on applications while they're in high school, if they take three or four courses, our graduation rate is 97%," said Spearman. "No dropouts!"

Shine's classmate Tyler Wrenn says his experience enabled him to find his passion and he believes this campaign will help others do that as well.

"You get this experience that now applies to their life. So now they can take that and possibly talk with them after high school and college, getting a job," said Wrenn. "They've already had these connections that the school did early on so they're much better off."

Organizers will be able to measure the site's progress and see what areas are gaining the most interest as students begin to utilize it.