Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Students at Spring Hill High School raised thousands of dollars to an organization that helps human trafficking victims.

The teens held a restaurant fundraiser that earned $3,000 dollars for Lighthouse for Life.

Students in a leadership class took on human trafficking as the issue they wanted to focus on this year.
“Just thinking it could happen to me or anyone that I know could motivate me cause it can happen to anyone,” Junior Madison Harper explained.

“It was like wow it's just, it's really out there, it’s right next you to your door without you even knowing, you really don't think about it until you get the information,” Senior Trey Williams said.

The students say they were shocked to find out that people in their own community were being trafficked.
It is a big problem with 100,000 minors trafficked in our country every year.

“It's amazing, they're my heroes, these students who are taking initiative and taking a stand, they're the ones that are going to make a big difference in our state,” Lisa Kejr with Lighthouse for Life said. “If they can help protect their peers if they can help get the word out to people that I may not be able to, and if they can be the gamechangers for the future of South Carolina, that's huge.”

The students will be hosting a TED talk session later this month to further raise awareness around human trafficking.

They will also be helping Lighthouse for Life create a campaign geared at educating young people on the problem.

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