COLUMBIA, S.C. — The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) is resurrecting SCDOR Debtors' Corner which publicly lists the state's top 250 delinquent individual and business taxpayers.

According to the SCDOR website, the list will be updated and published quarterly in order to "support transparency, fairness, and compliance."

"We are dedicated to holding these delinquent taxpayers accountable when they knowingly do the wrong thing and have not taken the corrective steps we've asked them to make."

Businesses and individuals will find themselves on the list only after SCDOR has reached out to the entities multiple times via calls, letters, or personal contact in an attempt to resolve the debt. If no resolution can be made, a tax lien is filed against the business or individual, making the debt public information.

Top Five Delinquent Businesses

  1. Ellis Enterprises of NC LLC, York, SC, $2.75 million
  2. Belcorp NC Inc, Miami, FL, $2.04 million
  3. Gajanan Enterprises Inc, Columbia, SC, $1.57 million
  4. Prestige Marble Inc, Greenville, SC, $1.48 million
  5. The Links Group Inc, Columbia, SC, $1.33 million

To see the complete lists, to remove a business or individual from the list, tor for more information, see