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National flower shortage is impacting local florists for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this weekend, but because of a nationwide flower shortage, a bouquet of flowers may not be a last minute gift option.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday. It's a day the country shows their appreciation for all the moms out there for everything they do. 

A popular gift to give to mom are flowers, but that might not be an option this year as the nation faces a flower shortage. 

"We have had a limit on what we could receive due to the flower shortage," said Shelly Laird, Owner of Pineview Florist. 

Mother's Day is usually a busy time for florists, but this year has been even more difficult for these businesses. 

Laird said the shortage has made obtaining certain flowers difficult, but she is finding ways to accommodate for her customers. 

"We have had to play with shades of colors a little bit," Laird said. "We had to substitute some flowers for others, getting a little bit creative but we have been making it work. We did have to stop taking orders a much earlier this holiday season than we did in the past."

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News 19 has reached out to florists in the Midlands, and almost all businesses are being impacted by this shortage including Brides and Blooms

"I have three different wholesalers and none of them could get the sunflowers and there were several other flowers that we couldn’t get," said Christine Sibert, Owner of Brides and Blooms. 

Sibert said even with the setback, her customers have been understanding of the situation. 

"I just call the customers and let them know that we can't get that particular flower," Sibert said. "I have to sub it for something else and most of them are very agreeable."

She said she will continue to try to provide the best quality of flowers and arrangements for their customers. 

"Even if we have to sub the product, we will still make it up to their value and we just ask them to be patient with us," Sibert said. "We hope that once this pandemic is clear and everything is over with, everything will go back to normal."

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