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Plant-based leather operation investing $107 million in Union County, bringing 400 new jobs

MycoWorks specializes in mycelium-grown materials for use as sustainable, luxury-quality leather alternatives.
Credit: MycoWorks
MycoWorks Fine Mycelium leather patterns

UNION COUNTY, S.C. — A biotechnology company specializing in mycelium-grown (fungus) materials for use in sustainable, luxury-quality leather alternatives has announced it will be investing $107 million to establish operations in Union County, South Carolina. The new operation will also create 400 new jobs.

MycoWorks' new facility at 260 Midway Dr. in Union will produce plant-based fabrics that mimic the performance and feel of animal leathers while lowering environmental impacts. The company patented the Fine Mycelium process that grows materials with superior strength, durability and performance. 

The company expects to be up and running by early 2023. Individuals interested in joining the MycoWorks team should email talent@mycoworks.com.

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