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Possible 846 housing unit development in Lower Richland to be discussed at Richland County Council meeting

Mixed use housing and commercial space proposed for just over 175 acres off Garners Ferry Road

RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. — When Richland County Council meets Tuesday evening, one of the topics on the agenda will be a proposed mixed use development on Rabbit Run, near the intersection of Garners Ferry Road and Lower Richland Boulevard.

Zoning for the project has already been approved by the county's Zoning Commission. The 175.5-acre site is officially located at 8930 Rabbit Run in Hopkins, across from Lower Richland High School.

The third reading for approval to go ahead with the project is what will be discussed during the meeting at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers at 2020 Hampton Street in Columbia.

According to the site plan, the development's proposed 846 housing units would be broken down this way:

  • 430 single family detached homes on 71.8 acres, with 6 dwelling units per acre
  • 85 single family attached (townhomes) on 10.7 acres, with 8 dwelling units per acre
  • 331 multi-family units (apartments) on 20.7 acres, with 16 dwelling units per acre
  • 61.9 acres of commercial use property -- mainly located along the Garners Ferry side of the site
  • 10.7 acres of open, green space between dwelling units
Credit: Richland County Council

Also on the county's agenda is an item is a proposed widening of Lower Richland Boulevard to five lanes between Garners Ferry Road and the Richland County Sheriff's Department substation and to three lanes between the substation and the intersection at Rabbit Run. A roundabout would replace the crossroads at Rabbit Run and Lower Richland Boulevard.

Credit: Richland County Council

The lane-widening project is estimated to cost approximately $8.1 million. That is $2 million above the initial referendum. According to paperwork attached to the detailed agenda, Council approved a rescoping plan in July 2021, which after rescoping still anticipated approximately $15.2 million in reserve funds. Approving the additional $2 million for Lower Richland Boulevard will still leave approximately $13.2 million in reserve funds. These funds should remain in reserve to provide a contingency to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may arise on remaining projects.