Holiday travel is supposed to be fun, but nine times out of ten, it ends up being a chaotic stress mess. Unless you have all logistics squared away, and all the appropriate tools for packing, you’ll probably end up scrambling last minute through the airport, hoping you don’t miss your flight. We’ve all been there.

This holiday travel season, who not make it easier on yourself? Whether you’re traveling to see family or jetting off to an exotic island for some downtime this holiday season, preparation is key. And these five accessories can transform your trip from pandemonium to paradise.

5. Powerup Wireless Charging 10,000mAh Dual USB Battery

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You know how frustrating it is to have your phone battery die while traveling. But rather than fight about the outlets in the airport, juice up with the Powerup Dual USB. It’s the perfect travel companion, with two USB ports and Qi-compatible wireless charging pad, you can charge three devices at once. Get it now for 64% off from

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MSRP: $69.99
Discount: 64%

4. Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit

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Let’s face it: packing is a pain. Stuffing as much as you can into a suitcase, only to find out it doesn’t fit in the carry-on compartment is the ultimate bummer — and ultimate burden on your wallet. Don’t check your bags; shrink your clothes with the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit. This vacuum pump reduces the size of soft goods by 70 percent, so you can pack more stuff into less space. Get it from for 44% off.

Sale Price: $39
MSRP: $69.95
Discount: 44%

3. BentoStack

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From Apple Watch bands to iPhone and MacBook chargers, Apple accessories are really getting out of hand. And it’s always a mad rush to make sure you don’t forget any important cables. Fortunately, the BenoStack makes organizing all your cables, chargers, and other accessories you may need on a trip effortless and efficient. It’s stackable design makes packing them up a quick and easy process before hitting the road. Get it now for 14% off at

Sale Price: $42.95
MSRP: $49.95
Discount: 14%

2. TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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Screaming babies, loud passengers, and intercom interruptions don’t stand a chance against these noise-cancelling headphones. You can enjoy goosebump-inducing audio while blocking out all the airport (or airplane) noise. Plus, they’re so comfortable, you can wear them all day long. Or until the whopping 35 hours of battery life ends. Get them now for 69% off at

Sale Price: $78.99
MSRP: $259.99
Discount: 69%

1. Genius Pack Aerial Hardside Carry On Spinner

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Your luggage should make your travels easier, not harder. And this lightweight, scratch-, stain-, and impact-resistant Genius Pack does just that. Its interior makes packing a totally stress-free experience, thanks to sturdy compression straps, a labeled organizer for accessories, embedded packing checklist, and even a separate compartment for your dirty laundry. It’s the perfect travel companion. Get it for 27% off at

Sale Price: $199
MSRP: $248
Discount: 27%

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