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With prices at up to 70 percent off, you can bet I have some extra spring in my step today. Just in time for the weekend and all of that bright, blinding sunshine on your next road trip or morning commute, I have a big deal to share.

Ray-Bans continue to be one of the most in-demand items from the wonderful viewers who keep me employed with money saving requests. Typically, I see price drops now, Mother's Day and then one more time during the summer.

Since there are not many massive sunglass sales that happen over the course of the year, I want to make sure today's round-up is on your radar. While this sale is expected to continue through Monday, the selection options will quickly dissipate.

As a bonus at the time this article was written, Coach and Michael Kors sunglasses are also on sale. If you are craving an Oakley coupon, I expect those deals in a few months and I promise to have them right here.

SHOP NOW: You can find today's huge sale right here.

Happy Savings!


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