BUY IT NOW: Save almost $70 on the Chair Gym Total Body Workout with promo code: WEEKEND15

  • WHAT IS THIS? A convenient system that allows you to do a full body workout in a safe, comfortable seated position
  • WHO WOULD THIS BE PERFECT FOR? Those looking for low-impact workouts, or are too busy or too exhausted to go to the gym
  • WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS? It’s the world’s most convenient home gym! Plus, it’s almost $70 off right now.

If you get home most days feeling overworked and exhausted, the last thing you want to do is throw on your workout attire and head back out to the gym. Not to mention your back is aching and your knees are in constant pain. So, what are you going to do to get in shape? Unfold this Chair Gym Total Body Workout and get a full-body workout from your living room, bedroom, or literally anywhere else.

This resistance chair system is the most convenient way to get in shape at home. You can improve your strength and flexibility with over 50 different exercises and three levels of resistance, all while you’re sitting in a comfortable position. And because you remain seated, you maintain balance and stability while exercising your arms, chest, shoulders, back, abs, and legs — or, in other words, your whole body — and you won’t hurt your joints.

It’s easy to set up, folds up for efficient storage, and can safely support over 350 pounds. Plus, you won’t have to pay for an overpriced gym membership ever again. Win-win.

Worth $150, you can pick up the Chair Gym Total Body Workout now for just $80.75 on with limited time promo code: WEEKEND15.

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