BUY IT NOW: Save $58 off this Sable Heated Portable Back Massager

  • This travel-ready massager features eight advanced 3D rotating nodes to target your back muscles
  • You can relieve tension whether you’re sitting in your car, at work, or even at the gym
  • Perfect for anyone looking to relieve stress and its related aches and pains

You can write off self-care — things like massages, reading books, shutting off your digital devices for a mental break, and more — as self-indulgent, but you’d actually be wrong. In fact, self-care is an important way to check-in with our emotional and physical well-being. For example, you might have been dealing with low to medium-level discomfort with your back or other muscles for while — and that in turn can distract you from operating at your maximum output.

This Sable Heated Portable Back Massager makes taking a little extra care of your body simple, so you can feel better and be more productive. You can take it with you anywhere, and it features eight advanced 3D rotating nodes that dig deep into your muscles and target vital pressure points, so you can start to feel some relief.

Plus, it’s compact enough for you to use when you’re working at the office, are relaxing at home, or you’re in the middle of your commute in your car. The massager is ergonomically designed to fit your back wherever you are and even comes with heat settings that you can customize for intensity depending on your needs.

There’s overheating protection and auto-shutoff built in for worry-free operation, too — usually this Sable Heated Portable Back Massager is $99.99, but you can get it here for $41.99 from

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