Communication is important in any relationship, but how do you talk to your partner about money?

With financial issues being the top reason 41% of marriages end, Steven Hughes, from Know Money Inc., joined News19 This Morning to talk about three ways to be more transparent about money in your relationship.

1. Understanding your partner's history with money.

Hughes recommends being fully transparent with your partner by sharing your history with money, your earliest memory that was affected by money, and how you define financial success.

2. Discuss financial views like combing your money.

Hughes says there is no perfect way to properly merge your finances with your partner, but communication is key. Should you open a joint account? How much should you set aside from each check to contribute to your financial goals as a couple? Hughes says those are just a couple of things to talk about when discussing your financial views with your significant other.

3. Making a spending plan that works -

As you start to combine your financial resources with your partner, Hughesy says you want to be sure that each person knows what is coming in and what's going out. Do you plan on growing your family? Are you working towards buying a new house in a couple of years? Hughes says couples should set aside time each month to review the financial goals you share with your partner and your priorities that will affect your monthly take-home pay.

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