COLUMBIA, S.C. — (WLTX) -- It has almost been two months since two men lost their lives and 411 residents were displaced at Allen Benedict Court.

Back in January, 239 families were displaced and right now the Columbia Housing Authority said they have 90 families who are still looking for permanent housing. 

"We need about half of those 90 families one bedrooms, so we are desperately looking for landlords who have one bedroom units," Columbia Housing Authority Interim Director of Public Housing Latoya Nix said. "We have taken some of our residents to Lexington County but we are open to all counties."    

Nix said one of their biggest obstacle has been trying to find homes for those who want to stay in public housing. 

"There are a number of people that even though they see the beautiful options as far as Section 8 housing is concerned, they don't want that," Columbia Housing Authority Spokesperson Cynthia Hardy said. "They really want to be in a unit, a public housing unit very similar to what they had at Allen Benedict Court."

Nix said they are trying to get people in homes they feel comfortable in as quickly as they can.

"We do have some public housing open, so as soon as one becomes available then we put the next person in line in," Nix said. "We say we have a one bedroom, you been looking and we just move them in."

Of the 239 families who were forced to leave, 96 families have moved out of hotels into permanent housing. 149 families have have found a place to stay but have not finished the process of moving in. 46 of those families are waiting on inspections in order to make the move.

The Housing Authority said residents can use their voucher in any county or state if they don't want to stay in Richland County. Their goal is to have everyone in permanent housing by the end of the month.