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'No ma’am, I’m telling you I am scared for my own life' | 911 call reveals new details in investigation of HPU student found dead in trunk

A woman from Tennessee called High Point police and detailed accounts of what may have occurred leading up to Michael Cadogan's arrest.

HIGH POINT, N.C. — A call to 911 was released in relation to a North Carolina man who was arrested in Tennessee with the body of a 19-year-old High Point University student in his car. 

A woman from Kingsport, Tennessee called High Point police. According to the call, she had just left the Kingsport Police Department reporting a murder that happened in North Carolina. 

"Hi, yes, my name is [redacted]. I’m calling from Kingsport, Tennessee. Is this the High Point Police Department? I just left from the Kingsport Police Department reporting a murder that happened there in North Carolina this morning at my friend’s, his name is Michael Cadogan," the caller said. 

She told High Point communications that Cadogan got on Facetime and showed her his choked and beaten girlfriend. 

"I asked him what he had done and he Facetimed me and turned the camera around and he had choked and beat his girlfriend to death," the caller said.

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When asked whether the incident happened at a house, building, or hotel in High Point, the woman responded that it had taken place at an apartment. 

"It was at, I’m sorry, I’m trying to get everything straight. It was at their, at their apartment," she said. "Him and his girlfriend leased out an apartment together and I know it happened in their apartment upstairs. That’s all I know."

The woman told the 911 operator that she met Cadogan through the social media app Snapchat a long time ago and that she had known him for about five years. 

She also claimed that she had been to his house once before and went on to describe the vehicle he was in.

"I know that he drives a black truck but he’s not in that. He’s taking his girlfriend's car and her in the car and dumping it in the lake here at Watauga," the woman said.

When asked if she had Cadogan's cell number she said that she did but that he was using a burner phone to contact her. 

"Yes, but he left it at the house and he has a burner phone that he’s been calling me from," she said.

After giving dispatch the numbers to the phones, the woman was asked if she was sure this wasn't a joke to which she responded. 

"No, ma’am I’m telling you I am scared for my own life. Because of how he is talking and I’ve seen this girl with my own eyes over the phone," she said.

The woman described that via Facetime she saw the girl whom she described as white with curly blonde hair lying beside the bed and she wasn't breathing. 

"She was like, it was like a commotion around the room and she was laying there beside the bed," she said.  And he walked over there and she wasn’t breathing. I told him to check for a pulse, I told him to do everything."

According to the woman, Cadogan also told her that he strangled the girl to death. 

"Yes, he told me that in his own words," she said.