COLUMBIA, S.C. — Some former residents of Allen Benedict Court apartments say they're worried about the cost of finding a new home, after being forced to leave the downtown apartments due to gas leaks.

One resident, who asked to remain anonymous, reached out to News 19 on Saturday after he says he's worried Housing Authority vouchers won't be enough to cover first month's rent and his security deposit. 

"They put us in a motel room, they give us food to eat and stuff like that, but, still though, for us to pay the deposit out of the money they give us, it's not enough," one resident said. "This tragedy that happened, we didn't ask for this to occur... I think we should be treated more fairly then what we are now."

That resident says he's now waiting to meet with the Housing Authority again for answers, after officials with the organization told News 19 in an earlier interview they would cover one month of rent and the security deposit. 

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News 19 reached out to Housing Authority spokesperson Diane Sumpter on Monday who said residents should be given enough to cover the cost of rent and their security deposit, but, if they're not, they're asked to reach out to Columbia Housing for assistance.