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BUY IT HERE: The top Kohler sale available today.

Did you know I receive more DIY and home improvement project requests at this time of the year compared to spring? April and May is generally perceived to be the time when most of us tackle projects around the home - but fall is when more purchases occur.

Whether you're getting the house or condo ready for holiday hosting or preparing it for the colder weather, one of the best sales I've ever seen from Kohler might be worth your while today. If you have faucets that are leaking, handles or shower heads that need to be replaced or are looking for a new sink for under $90, I have you covered.

While I love featuring individual deals, this sale that encompasses several products is a winner with one-to-two day shipping in the event you need to get something fixed or upgraded quickly.

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Here is the top Kohler sale available today.

If Moen is more your style, I expect a comparable sale within the next two weeks.


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