COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Columbia Housing Authority board of commissioners met on Thursday night in a regular scheduled meeting, discussing whats next for some of their properties.

Gonzales Gardens, which was demolished two years ago, is still in the development phase.

The original redesign included single-family homes, as well as more than 250 units and a senior facility.

But interim executive director Ivory Mathews says they are still working with development partners to come up with the best design.

"Trying to just really maximize the space there and make sure that it is aesthetically appealing to the community," says Mathews. "So we are looking at some small revisions."

Some of those revisions include getting rid of the three story walk ups and making them one story, with individual entry ways into the apartments and increasing the handicapped and senior living spaces.

Currently, there is not set timeline for the property's redevelopment.

As for Allen Benedict Court, that property is still tied in lawsuits.

"Demolition is our long term plan, demolition and a complete redesign," says Mathews. "We are still working with our folks internally to see when we can get the property released so that we can proceed in that direction."

The housing authority is also still looking for a tenant for their Celia Saxon property, that includes the Save A Lot grocery store.

They will meet again on November 21, 2019.