COLUMBIA, S.C. — Memorial Day weekend is expected to be a hot one in Columbia, as temperatures could rise into the mid 90's.

While those with homes can cool off in air conditioned temperatures, Columbia's homeless population has to find other ways to stay cool.

"I try to make sure I drink a lot of water," says Sabrina Brown. "I sit underneath the shaded area. If it gets hot, then I move into another shaded area. If it gets too hot an I start getting dehydrated, then I walk to the library. It's a lot cooler."

Brown has been homeless for the past two years, working to get back on her feet. She says the winter and summer months can be harsh, especially while outside.

The Salvation Army an other community partners help the homeless population, passing out water to those in need.

"We have our family stores," says  Major Henry Morris with the Salvation Army. "When they need fans and stuff like that, we give them vouchers to our stores so that they can get fans to help them."

Cooler clothing can also be provided.

Fan and clothing donations to the Salvation Army can be made at their Family Store locations

"I just hope they do open up a shelter though," says Brown. "I know the temperature is getting higher and higher. What if the library is closed for some reason? People could just pass out. "

Along with helping the homeless, the Salvation Army is also celebrating "Doing the Most Good" this week with National Salvation Army Week. On Saturday, May 25, there will be a community event outside of the Salvation Army community center at 3024 Farrow Road. The free event will be held from 10am-2pm.