SUMTER, S.C. — The Sumter community surrounded the families of Sharee Bradley and Nevaeh Adams in prayer during a vigil on Wednesday night.

Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, Bradley's home church, was full with nearly one hundred people, all showing hope, love and support in the search for five-year-old Adams.

She went missing after her mother, Bradley, was found dead in their Sumter apartment on August 5th. Since then the family has held out hope for her return.

"I love you 'Vaeh, wherever you might be," prayed Elijah Nelson, stepfather of Bradley. "Deliver that message for me, Lord."

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Nelson says he just wants closure and to bring Nevaeh home.  

"If she's here alive, or she's gone home to be with the Lord, I'm okay with it, we just need closure," says Nelson. "My wife needs closure, her aunties need closure, her brothers need closure. They need to know the truth."

The family attorney says they are still concerned that no amber alert was issued in the case.

"I understand the position has been that she did not meet the criteria, but we do not subscribe to that," says Garryl Deas. "We believe that she did and so the family is still calling for that amber alert to be put into place."

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Through it all her family says seeing all of the support on Wednesday gives them hope. 

"Some prayers went up and some prayers were answered."

Funeral services for Bradley will be held at the Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Sumter on Saturday. The funeral will start at 1:30 pm.