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Housing, more parking, and an art gallery proposed in BullStreet District

Richland County's Economic Development Committee recommended that County Council consider the development project.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — $80 million could be coming to the BullStreet District to create additional housing and an art gallery.

"It's been really neat to see new things popping up over time, like Publico, Starbucks, and REI, because it just continues to add to what we have here in the bull street district," said Columbia Fireflies President, Brad Shank.

Construction on the BullStreet District began in 2015 and is set to wrap up in 2034.

The latest project that developers are trying to bring underway is called 'Project Framework'.

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It includes "market value housing", the construction or restoration of public parking spaces, and an approximately 25,000 square foot outdoor public art walk and plaza that will connect to an on-site art gallery.

The project was passed through Richland County Economic Development Committee after discussion in executive session at their last meeting on July 12.

This recommendation went before Richland County Council at Tuesday night's meeting, and received support from all voting council members. 

This vote will allow the project to officially come before county council at their next meeting, on July 26.

Despite this project being passed to county council for approval, the BullStreet District plan and map have not been updated to reflect where this art gallery will go or what it will look like.

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However, Brad Shank says no matter where the estimated $80 million project goes, it will only go to benefit what the BullStreet District is becoming.

"There's not a lot for people to do here right now. They can come to a game, and come eat at Publico or shop at REI right now. I'm looking forward to more coming to the area so we can see people sticking around and see Segra Park become a frequented spot for people who live and work here," Shank said.

Council will meet again on July 26 where they may look at the proposed project. If council does not get to a first reading in at the meeting next Tuesday, the first reading will be on August 30 instead.

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