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Alex Murdaugh's lawyers want suing attorney to stop talking

Eric Bland is representing the Satterfield family who sued Murdaugh after failing to get $3 million in insurance settlements

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Attorneys for Alex Murdaugh want a judge to stop a lawyer suing him from publicly speaking about the massive legal entanglement Murdaugh finds himself in and recommend a panel that disciplines attorneys look into the matter. Murdaugh is being represented by Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin.

The request says attorney Eric Bland broke ethics rules when he suggested Murdaugh’s attorneys can’t be successful in defending him because they can’t call in favors with judges or prosecutors. The motion also indirectly compared Murdaugh to two infamous South Carolina serial killers. 

Bland issued a statement saying Murdaugh’s attorneys were trying to deflect from their client’s massive legal problems. 

Bland represents the Satterfield family -- Murdaugh's housekeeper -- who sued after after failing to get $3 million in insurance settlements from her death.