CAMDEN, Arkansas — According to a statement released by the Camden Police Department, a police officer is no longer employed after a video went viral of the officer and a Camden Fairview High School student.

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On Monday, Feb. 10, a video began circulating on Facebook, showing Officer Jake Perry in an altercation with what appears to be a student at Camden Fairview High School.

The video circulating on Facebook shows Officer Perry in what appears to be the high school cafeteria, holding a student in a chokehold position.

Perry, the assigned School Resource Officer (SRO) to the high school, was suspended after the video came out on Monday. An investigation was immediately conducted and now he is no longer employed by the department. 

The following statement was released by the Camden Police Department:

"On Monday, Feb. 10, there were allegations of misconduct involving Camden Police Officer at the Camden Fairview High School. An investigation was immediately conducted. It has been concluded and the results of the investigation have been submitted to Chief Boyd Woody. After the findings of the investigation, it was determined that Jake Perry did violate department policy and he is no longer employed with the Camden Police Department."

Correction: A previous version of this article said he was fired. It has been updated to say he was no longer employed.  

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