FOREST ACRES, S.C. — For the first time, we're hearing the 911 calls from a bank robbery off Forest Drive on February 5. The robbery led to a manhunt  and one suspect shot by police.

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Dispatch: "Forest Acres 911"

Caller: "We have a gun robbery in the building, please help us."

Frantic and fearful, a woman inside the South Carolina Federal Credit Union on Forest Drive calls 911 as two suspects robbed the bank February 5.

Caller: "He has a gun. I have to go."

Dispatch: "No, no, no, don't hang up."

Dispatch works to calm the woman as law enforcement rushes to the scene.

Dispatch: "What is he wearing ma'am? Is he a man? Ma'am, don't hang up don't hang up."

Fearing for her life, the woman describes the gunman to dispatch.

Caller: "He has a gray something with a hood, um, I have to go in case he comes here. I don't want to get shot."

Dispatch: "OK, can you do me a favor just put the phone down and leave it on."

The woman stays on the line, but stops talking in fear of her own safety. Police soon discover  it's not one, but two people robbing the bank.

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Radio: "We have two, we have two."

Police said they spotted the two suspects as they tried to rush out the back door. Officers said 35-year-old Daisy Feliberty tried to drive away, but was shot by police. She's expected to be OK.

A man hunt for 29-year-old Samuel Neathry lasted for hours.

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Radio: "They don't know where he went. He went out the back door and he was gone I guess when everyone else got here. So, not really sure he where he went from here."

After he ran away Columbia police actually spoke to him, but didn't know it was him. Police said he gave no indication that he was the suspect and at that time he no longer matched the description after ditching his hoodie.

Samuel Neathery
Samuel Neathery
Osceola County Detention Center

Neathry was arrested nearly three weeks later in Florida.